Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More About Me

Hi, I am in second grade. My teachers name is Mrs. Redd. My favorite subject is math! I have a two friends named Valerie and Carlie and we have a little band called The Sweet Hearts. I am on a basketball team! I am number 6 on my basketball team. The name of our team is Yellow Jackets! And our color of our team is yellow. My diabetes doesn't bother me when I am playing basketball! I just have to have a snack before playing. See ya -H


aimster said...

Hi Hannah,

My name is Aimee...I'm a friend of your dad's from when we were in High School. I heard about your new blog when we spoke the other day. I'm excited for you! It looks great and so do you! I met you once when you were 2 or so...you sure have grown. You seem to have Hermione down perfectly! I really like her, too. Do you do any theatre? From your pictures, I'd guess you'd be a great actress.
Oh, and what instruments do you play in the band? Do you write your own songs?
I think it's pretty great to have a blog space to express yourself, and then to connect with other kids who are living with diabetes - answer questions etc...very cool. I'll be checking in on your updates - keep'em coming!


hwf said...

Thank you for writing me back.I do write my own songs. I do not play on stage yet we just write songs and practice. My other band members names are Valerie and Carlie. We do not play instruments yet either. But I do play a lot of instruments at home! Tell me some funny storys about my dad- he won't tell me the storys! Shhh, its are secret.